Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's confirmed...

You know, traffic tickers are the source of much interesting information about those who visit the old bloggy. It's always fun to see the google searches that bring traffic to your page, that is, until they point to some information you were trying to conceal. Google the words, meanest mom of all. Yup. Numero dos on google. I guess if it says so on google, it must be true...right? At least I'm not "the" meanest mom of all, only the second. I, and my children, stand corrected.

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Kacey said...

I kept looking and looking and no new posts from one of my favorite moms. So, tonight I clicked on your site and hit the mother lode. I never knew you could Google things and find a blog site, but I'm learning something new every day.
I love it that you make clothes for the girls and homeschool, too. Do you sleep? My daughter-in-law home schools, but I think the computers do the work, because I have never seen one of the kids with a school book. I love her too much to ask questions, but I think their heads are getting messed up and they lack confidence. I know you are serious, because I remember some of your posts about the things you were studying with your children.
Oh, yeah, I love the new picture!