Wednesday, February 04, 2009

They'll Be Here All Week...

Today in the car, J pipes up and says, "Mooooommy, I bvan sick!"
K replies, "It's CAR sick."
J: "I can't say aww(r)ah, It's bvan sick!"

We got a referral to an orthodontist right before Christmas for K during her regular dentist visit. Upon further investigation, the canine tooth we thought was pushing its way out behind her first molar turned out to be an incisor. Her canine teeth are growing toward one another and apparently, one of her permanent first molars has forgotten to show up to the party at all. So Miss K started her first round of orthodontia last week. We're just having Hubster's paychecks made out to Dr. Orthodontist for the next 4-6 years.

So today during lunch, B was telling me something about his drink choice and K kept having him repeat himself, finally, in frustration, he totally deadpans, "Mom, I think K needs an EARthodontist too."


Kacey said...

Hi...I've been very lax about catching up on my favorite bloggers' posts, but I just read a bunch of yours. Loved your Cat in the Hat Shower for Thing 1 and Thing 2. The twins are darling. I'm happy that you were able to help K's leg with the burns...a very brave girl and mama, too. Congrats on finishing community college and heading off to the big time. It must be really tough with all the little kids. My kids were all late in high school and in college when I went to nursing school and it was tough then, but worth it. The hubby and I are in Florida for the Winter, but just got back after three weeks in Ohio. Sometimes you just have to get competent medical care in your home state. (Though I did have a great cardiologist stick in a couple of stents in my old ticker here in Florida.) Hope school is going well for you. Enjoyed your posts and wanted you to know your dog will quit with the chewing and wrecking stuff soon.... puppyhood is cute, but messy.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I found your blog completely randomly while looking for cat in the hat pictures on Google... and I have to say, I am really enjoying it! Your pictures are beautiful and your commentary is interesting with funny bits thrown in. I'll be back. :)

Have a great Sunday!