Friday, May 23, 2008

I Have A New Hobby

My friend the Super Amazing Mary-Kay Lady introduced me to the world of coupons. I needed something more to do, what with me idling away all those hours picking my toes. So now, I spend some serious time clipping and snipping and reading ad previews trying to score some free toothpaste or make some change on deoderant. "Buying" free stuff and making money to shop just makes my girlish heart go pitter-patter.

We almost had a tragedy of the poultry kind today in the chicken pen. Four off the little fluff balls got trapped under the feed pan which then got half buried in dirt. Poor little guys were sweaty but OK when I discovered their plight and freed them from their eminent tomb.

I'm really struggling with finding my summer time groove. So many things I need and want to be doing, so little energy and motivation to actually do them! I putter in the garden...which is ROCKING this year! And I've managed to keep the grass mowed, but even though Hubster's ex will be in town in a week, and E will be here on Tuesday, I can't seem to motivate myself to get the house in order. Taxi Mom made me a deal of the organizational off time at each other's houses to calm the clutter. Taxi Mom is the product of a military background...she married a military man...I would not hesitate to lick ice cream off her floor on any given day...I suspect she's being her usual wonderful self and just sees my plight and has vowed to help me out without making me feel bad. I won't tell her I know what she's up to if you don't...K?

My hometown got hit by a tornado yesterday! I told E I guess I'm glad I moved to Texas! We've only had to hide out once during our time here, and that was this spring when a huge hail storm went through. The tornado was headed right for us, but as they are wont to do, it dissipated before it hit town. Gramma said the sky was black, not the eerie green it gets when a tornado forms down here. I sure feel bad for the folks in Windsor who got hit. Dense population and intense storms are never a good combination.

I'll try and update with pictures of the garden and some non-sense of the kid variety soon. We've got plenty of that going on around here!

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landstromline said...

You are super blogger! I love it. I really have only been blogging for a few months... But I love it. I do have a new blog, a personal one it is: I don't have an email for you so I am leaving the info here. Also, i was wondering if with the rs blog if you can get it approved to add a link to all our blog sites out there? It would be a great way for all of us to keep in touch. Anyway... I am completely down with bronchial pneumonia and was sad to miss the lesson today. Love you! Sheryl