Friday, December 21, 2007

What's Been Taken Apart At My House

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Any guesses as to what it is?

It is Hubster's Grandmother's K5A Kitchenaid Mixer! They don't build them like that anymore. M was spinning some frozen butter in there a number of years back and stripped out that little reddish looking gear in the photo. It's called a worm gear and with my supa Google skillz I found out how to tear it apart and order the parts to replace it! Kitchenaid will not service these old machines since they don't have the newer safety regulation stuff on them. It has all metal gearing, and the new machines don't unless you drop some serious change on the professional series, so it is worth hanging on to! After the parts get here, I may just tear apart the other one that I've been using and see what it's made out of! LOL I'll re-pack the gears in it for sure, and maybe between the two of them, I can put off my quest for finding a 10 or 20 quart mixer. Hubster had visions of school lunch ladies running through his head when I mentioned purchasing a mixer that would have to live in our garage. He's such a good sport.

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Kacey said...

As I read through your post, I wondered why in the world you would need that big of a mixer? Then, I read the next post about your beautiful cake. WOW! You are multi-talented. When you get that industrial size mixer----be careful. We once lived near a bakery and one of the bakers was pulled into a mixer and killed. It really spoiled his holiday!